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Smarter Guard Scheduling

A scheduling system that gives you visibility of availability, overtime, fatigue management, financials, compliance and conflicting shifts.

Error free invoicing and payroll

One data entry point for time & attendance, invoicing and payroll improves accuracy, saves time, drives revenue and boosts profitability.

Confident in Compliance

Daily automated security licence checks and renewal reminders keep guard compliance profiles up to date.

live dashboard

Licencing and Certification Tracking

Be instantly notified of guard licensing and certification renewals for ease of compliance and governance.

GPS Time Clock

Peace of mind knowing when and where your guards are on site.

Shift Confirmation

Summary view of confirmed and unconfirmed shifts.

Leave Application

Easily review and approve leave accruals and applications.



Concise scheduling information means the right guard, at the right job, at the right time, managed the right way.

Templates & Bulk Shift Creation

Create shift templates by client and by site; fulfil customer contracts with rotations.

Shift Offers

Staff your client demands in minutes not hours; offer available shifts to your workforce.

Warnings & Conflicts

Manage minimum breaks, overtime risks, staff availability and shift conflicts.

time & attendance

Digital Timesheet Management

Draft timesheets automatically generated from rostered shift, ready for seamless review, edit and approval.

Online Timesheet Approvals

Staff submit digital timesheets for review.

Mobile Time Clock

Geofencing enables guards to clock in/out when they are at the right work site, keeping a digital time stamp.

Flexible Adoption

Guardhouse is agile and flexible, integrating seamlessly with your existing processes.


Complex EBA & Award Interpreter

Create varying pay structures, overtime rules and allowances in accordance with governing award/EBA. Select the Australian security award out of the box!

Overtime Calculator

Predict and manage the impact of overtime costs.

Integration with Payroll Systems

Guardhouse seamlessly integrates with MYOB, Xero and Elmo.

Restricted Access

Provide administrator access to safeguard sensitive payroll information.


Automated Invoice Generation

Eliminate data entry duplication and paper handling.

Advance Charge-Rate Set-Up

Handle multiple charge rates by time, site and guard type.

Integration with Accounting Systems

Seamlessly integrate with MYOB and Xero.

Invoice Management

Edit draft invoices, send invoices directly to your clients and track payments.

Compliance & Governance

Daily Licencing Checks (AU only)

Security licences are automatically checked against each State database.

Renewal Alerts

Guards and managers are alerted ahead of time to ensure compliance with licensing laws.

Visibility and Follow-Up

Instant scheduling alerts to ensure compliance by rostering guards who hold a current license.

financial forecasting

Live Costings

Charge out rates vs shift costs give an instant view of top line revenue and bottom line profitability.

Financial Reporting

Assess operational costs for specific sites or customers to determine pricing and margin.


Push Notifications

Improve efficiency with real-time messaging and broadcast alerts.

Shift Communication

SMS, email and push notifications mean guards arrive on time, every time.

Custom Notification Engine

Push notifications mean specific shift or event requirements are captured.

Subcontractor management

Schedule Management

Easily identify what guards are associated to each subcontractor.

Groups and Rates

Easily identify subcontractor guards; easily integrate custom rates across service levels and sites.

Work Orders

Send work orders to your subcontractor for approval to ensure they don’t miss a shift.

Pro-Forma Invoicing

Issue sub-contractor’s timesheet reports with applicable rates for ease and speed of payment.

customer portal

Roster View

Enable visibility of rosters and time-critical changes.

Display Licences and Renewals

Meet compliance by providing clients with up to date licensing and certification information.

‘Read-Only’ Customer Access

Promote transparency whilst maintaining control.

Improved Customer Experience

Provide clients with ‘read and download’ of service and certification records.

Mobile Apps

Android and IOS Apps

Compatible across all device and operating systems.

Manager and Guard Apps

Feature-rich, what you can do on the web you can do on mobile App.

reports engine

Operational Reporting

Accurate, shared data enhances knowledge sharing and peak productivity.

Custom Reporting

Track personal leave days, no shows and unavailability to ensure coverage across high volume periods.

HR Reporting

Track personal leave days, no shows and unavailability to ensure coverage across high volume periods.

Real time Reporting

Scheduled vs Actual timesheets comparison to keep everyone accountable.

Document Management

Cloud Storage

Secure, cloud storage for current and historic document storage for staff and clients.

Secure Segmented Access

Access documents according to admin-allocated permissions.

Ease of Upload

Images and documents scanned and uploaded directly to the portal.

Seamless and Sustainable

Track, manage and store documents online and reduce manual filing and paper.

incident reporting

Mobile incident reports

Provide greater detail by uploading time stamped photos, videos and notes.

Forms & Templates

Build custom incident reports that meet the needs of your business and clients.

Incident status

Keep track of incident status and assign follow up actions where required.

Live client updates

Improve client relationships by providing greater transparency and accountability with a dedicated incident reporting portal.

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